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Hope Center is always looking to fill any clinical need.

These specialized units and/or programs introduce advanced methods by unique experts who are celebrated for their pioneering knowledge in the specific specialties.

HIV Care Unit

Centers HIV Care Units have one mission: to provide first-class care that meets the needs of all our Residents with HIV. Through regular bloodwork, we maintain an ongoing record of Residents’ CD4 count and T cell count. We also monitor and maintain medications—the ultimate goal being to stabilize each resident’s viral load to the point that the HIV is undetectable. But our specialized care extends to psychological issues and substance abuse as well, recognizing that our residents’ mental health is as vital as their physical health. When appropriate, case managers arrange successful integration back into the community—assisting Residents to acquire Medicaid cards and to find suitable housing. Job placement services are also available to Residents when needed. Centers HIV Units offer comprehensive healthcare throughout the process, evidenced by our outstanding record of success.

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Coronavirus Update

We are aware of the Governor’s new guidance regarding nursing home visitors. We are as excited as you are to welcome you all back to our facility but need to ensure that we do so safely and in keeping with the guidelines outlined in the Governor’s letter. 

It is important to note that per the Governor’s guidelines we will not be permitted to open up to visitors until 5 days from the date of this notice at the earliest. In addition to this timing requirement, the Department of Health must also first approve our individualized reopening plan before allowing visitors.

We will be updating the website with more information as it becomes available. Please click here for the complete New York Sate guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

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